Love Chameleon: The Love Poems of Nidhi Saxena hits the stands

Eclectic, colorful concoction of words await readers in ‘Love Chameleon’

Author Nidhi Saxena transports readers into a captivating world of impassioned and intense love poetry

MUMBAI, India – Inspired by the evolving concept and structural models of love and relationships in the current socio-economic milieu, poet Nidhi Saxena, arguably the boldest Indian writer since Kamala Das, presents a collection of love poems that are abstract, intense and make a statement. “Love Chameleon”(published by Partridge India) is an anthology of contrarian poems penned over 20 years wherein the poet uses the metaphor of the “Chameleon” to elucidate the complex themes of love, lust, loss, longing, fidelity, sexuality and outdated social mores. The book is the author’s way to engage into a candid and meaningful dialogue with the audience on somewhat taboo topics.

The book is paradoxical in that it blends several contradictory elements to make a powerful whole – it is at once intrepidly bold and sensual, movingly sensitive and absurdly hilarious. The poems are further multi-layered in that they exist at the level of words but also convey higher meaning at another, more metaphysical level.

Appealing to readers in such a way that they easily identify the poems with their own personal feelings and relationship situations – each reader shall see a little of their deepest fantasies, wildest thoughts and craziest secrets in the poems while enjoying the play of logic and words that has been used to express central ideas and beliefs.

“Love Chameleon”

By Nidhi Saxena

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 152 pages | ISBN 9781482820225

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 152 pages | ISBN 9781482820218

e-book | 152 pages | ISBN 9781482820201

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About the Author

Born in 1974 in Allahabad, Nidhi Saxena is an entrepreneur, activist in the making, and a writer. “Love Chameleon,” her first literary endeavor, perceptibly resonates her eclectic worldview and bohemian spirit. While she travels globally and has lived in Mumbai, Delhi and New York, the writer in her is at best unsettled.